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Overview (The Ministry)

The Culture and Sports sector, with its three components, Culture, Sports and Youth, is one of the most important sectors of the national development strategy.  The Ministry’s strategy is derived from the Constitution of the State of Qatar, guided by the directives of His Highness the Emir of Qatar and for the purposes of Qatar’s National Vision 2030, and its competencies contained in the Emiri Decree No. 4 of 2016, in addition to its vision and mission.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports seeks to provide a growing and inclusive cultural environment for the energies of the Qatari Society with all its components to sharpen its capabilities in a national renaissance project placing the society among the developed and civilized countries, making the State of Qatar a role model, thereby entrenching its cultural role regionally and internationally, and building on the consciousness of its indigenous people and resting on humanitarian value system.

In order to achieve a balance between modernization and the preservation of the value system of society and its cultural heritage, the Ministry of Culture and Sports works to achieve “an effective cultural renaissance based on an authentic value system that supports the society in achieving civilization progress”, by enriching the cultural scene with distinguished national production and establishing a strong base for different cultural industries,in addition to creating a sporting environment conducive to the participation of society in all its components in practicing sports, and also working to empower youth to strengthen their contribution to the building of the nation.

In this context, the Ministry is working to activate its modern operating system based on strengthening its role as a sponsor and regulatory body of the Cultural and Sports Sector with a focus on reviewing and updating the legislative structure and developing general policies for the State in the areas of the three sectors in addition to work to enhance the efficiency of institutional work, assuming that the various executive bodies from cultural and youth centres, to sports clubs in addition to partners group in the sector,should handle the executive work under the supervision and follow-up of the concerned departments.