Doha Girls Center, Activities and Prospects

Developing a leading and empowered youth generation that has the ability to excel and be creative in fields of social, economic, culture and personal life to represent Qatar’s national vision. These are the most important goals and visions that Doha Youth Centers seek to achieve including Doha Girls Center that develops girls’ personality and capabilities, enhances sense of self-confidence in addition to the role of the center in organizing investment of the free time within programs that exploit their energies.


As about the center’s most important activities, objectives, prospects and future vision, Al Arabs met Ms. Mazyouna Mohammad Al-Nauimi, the executive director of Doha Girls Center who initially mentioned the keenness and interest of the wise leadership of the State to support youth in all fields. From this point, the role of youth centers and civil society organizations concerned with youth appears within applying a pioneer model in empowering youth and providing them with various skills to enhance their role in the sustainable development process to achieve Qatar National Vision2030 within the pillar of human development.


Mazyouna introduced Doha Girls Center and said that it is one of the female youth centers from the age group 15-39 years which covers and serves all areas of Doha. Its vision focuses on improving the quality of education and training, interacting with them through listening to their opinions and innovative ideas and employing them as youth initiatives that we reap their fruits and effects on community by female youth who have unlimited potential and skills. Also, she said that the center was established as a separate and independent center in 2012.


Regarding goals of the center, Mazyouna Al-Nuaimi stated that the goals that the center seeks to achieve are for example and not limited to the following:

  • Saving incubating environment to listen to ideas of girls and young women and translating them into operational plans to be used in the society in good manner.
  • Developing initiatives and projects related to interests of young women.
  • Instilling values that suit culture and needs of Qatari society.
  • Organizing investing of free time in programs that build personality of girls and exploit their energies and help them have good upbringing.


Director of Doha Girls center revealed a set of programs that the center’s management has adapted to the current situation and quarantine conditions as many of them were presented through online chat programs and she mentioned various models of programs offered at the center and divided them into three main categories as follows:


Academic programs that aim at acquisition of skills and experience with the help of female trainers specialized in certain field such as language courses, writing press articles and other specialized programs as well as our support bodies such as Community College and Qatar University. In addition, educational and awareness programs that are offered to address the needs of the society and achieve principle of cooperation and solidarity inside the society such as donation campaigns for orphans and sick people that are held in cooperation with the competent authorities in this field.


She added that the last classification (category) was youth initiatives as they are an initiative offered by young women that aims at developing society, increasing young women’s self-confidence and raising their self-esteem because they provide services to their community through which they feel achievement, worthiness, position and self-realization. The center has adopted (5) youth initiatives including “Qimam”, “Your Giving is the Secret of Your Happiness”, “My Arabic Language is My Identity”, “Volunteer Ambassadors”, and “Women Seminars” initiative. They can refer to social media and find out details about the initiatives presented by the center.


Registration Mechanism

Regarding the registration mechanism in the program, Mazyouna Al-Nuaimi said that registration is conducted according to “Al- Adaam Youth Program” which is a national platform for youth in addition to publishing in all social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube channel) and programs are available to girls and young women for free.



She said that the center is currently adopting several initiatives including educational initiative concerned with sports, cultural and family aspects and is carried out using dramatic (theatrical) scenes, camps and workshops to provide the young woman with the leadership qualities to manager her life in all aspects of life.

She mentioned that the center launched “Qimam” initiative as part of its social responsibility program that aims at supporting emerging companies and Qatari entrepreneurs and contributing to achieving the economic development goals of Qatar National Vision 2030. She said that many Qatari entrepreneurs participate in the initiative within visual media materials published on the center’s platform within which they present their entrepreneurship experience, the secret of success of their projects, difficulties they faced in their projects and how they overcame them in addition to other details of interest to the fresh entrepreneurs.


“My Language is My Identity” Initiative

Mazyouna Al-Nuaimi said that the center launched also “My Arabic Language is My Identity” initiative that aims at identifying the beauty of Classical Arabic Language within mastering it either speaking or writing in order to raise and adhere to the Arabic Language and enhance its value for girls. This initiative is carried out throughout the year.


She added that another initiative is the “Volunteer Ambassadors” initiative which consists of direct youth dialogue meetings with inspiring personalities which are organized periodically through social networking sites of the center. Within these sessions, best practices are presented and the most important topics related to young women, their aspirations and challenges they face are discussed in order to reach practical solutions, innovative ideas and effective policies.

She pointed out that the center offers “Women Seminars” developed to serve as a dialogue platform that aims at saving young women the opportunity to express their opinions and impressions about their aspirations and challenges and collective participation in positive effect.





Refining and filtration of training career (profession)

Mazyouna Al-Nuaimi said that Doha Girls Center implemented an ambitious plan to refine training career (profession) at the center by attracting young competencies from students of scientific excellence at the secondary stage and recent graduates from Qatar University in various disciplines to implement life skills programs at the center. They are a set of human skills acquired through learning and used to deal with problems and questions that face daily human life such as management skills, cognitive skills, social skills, teamwork skills that are planning and leadership and teamwork management etc.

In this context, Mazyouna Al-Nuaimi said, “The center seeks to continue refining the training career in light of the great success that has been achieved and intensive attendance and interaction from the public with outcomes of the scientific materials presented through the center’s electronic platforms. It turned out to us that there is a great convergence in harmony of female trainees with the Qatari female trainers as they are close to the environment and talk with them in comfortable way that facilitates understanding and communication. These trainers are able to communicate information and we discovered this fact after assessing the training impact as assessments rates of the programs conducted are high.


Al-Nuaimi confirmed that the center welcomes young talents as media content makers, event organizers, volunteers and trainees noting that the age groups adopted by the center range from 15 to 39 years old for women.


Doha Girls Center participates annually in the global celebrations of the United Nations as the last celebration was celebration of World Environment Day on June 5. Also, the center plans to participate in the International Youth Day on August 12, as part of its agenda.


Distance working

Mazyouna Al-Nuaimi said that the experience of distance working by holding virtual seminars, workshops and cultural competitions through internet affected positively the high level of participation in the center from inside and outside Qatar. This experience shared in highlighting contributions of the State of Qatar through its organizations to support youth through their youth initiatives and active participation within the activities of the center.

She added that as part of the center’s effort to contribute to the national and governmental efforts and efforts of the concerned authorities to confront possibilities of the spread of new Corona virus (Covid-19) and based on its societal responsibilities, the center launched a media campaign carried out by Al Maha Youssef Al-Horr, one of members of the center, in several languages on its social networking sites to educate residents about the dangers of corona virus and methods of prevention.

The educational campaign aims at contributing in limiting the spread of Corona virus by producing videos in different languages and publishing them on the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube of the center in support of the center’s goals to target the largest possible number of concerned groups.


Videos focus on basic information such as the need to maintain personal hygiene such as cleaning homes, the difference between isolation and quarantine, suggesting ideas to implement them while staying at home including exercises, making sure that the food is clean to protect themselves and their families. These videos received high rate of interaction.


We are working at the center to provide the appropriate environment to launch pioneer initiatives and programs that aim at developing and enhancing capabilities of girls and to allow them acquire more specialized skills in all fields such as Qimam initiative whose activities will be implemented on the 25th of next July and it is considered a unique experience that combines knowledge and practical experience to prepare future young leaders.


Challenges to cope with changes

The executive director of Doha Girls Center said, “The world around us is changing rapidly and this presents a challenge to the center to cope with this change by developing programs that suit the local conditions the country faces. Examples of these program include entrepreneurship project program in cooperation with Injaz Qatar Foundation to introduce the importance of entrepreneurship, its effect on youth, how to establish private business in addition to Freedom Program (Al Horeya) for girls which targets the age group from 15 to 39 years old as this program explains the value controls of religion and society and their importance for the Muslim woman.

Al-Wakra Youth Center sets an ambitious plan for summer activities

Al-Wakra Youth Center has developed an ambitious plan for its summer activities and it includes qualitative activities for its affiliates including various cultural, religious and social events in addition to training programs in taekwondo, swimming and participation in internal and external cultural and sports competitions. This plan aims at consolidating the intellectual side of youth in addition to meaningful dialogues that train youth on various skills.

Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Muftah, chairman of Al-Wakra Youth Center, said “We have an ambitious plan to combines innovation, enjoyment and benefit with full commitment to precautionary measures taken by the State to combat Corona pandemic (Covid-19) as most activities will be organized within distance learning (e-learning) through visual programs. Some of them are within the authorized and allowed number including social and recreational activity which will have the greatest share and attention and scientific and heritage visits, visiting monuments, recreational games such as PlayStation, Baby Foot, Carrom game and other games in this aspect that the Youth desires and accepts.

Also, he explained that a tournament will be held in these games to spread the spirit of competition among participants and youth will learn the basics of taekwondo in addition to practicing sports activities that play great role in interaction and happiness of the youth and within organizing a football league for young and old participants. Moreover, competitions will be held in individual and group games including educational and enlightenment camps program, training youth on swimming skills, other activities and external events and participation.

The center also offers programs that contribute to the self-development and human development of participants through selected courses and workshops organized by a group of specialists in more than one field.

For his part, Mohammad Al-Amri, vice-chairman of Al-Wakra Youth Center said that the center’s aim in establishing these activities is to develop capabilities, refine skills of participants, increase their scientific achievement, increase, develop and support positive behaviors, address negative behaviors, provide youth with various experiences and invest their free time through meaningful programs that Youth of the southern region accepts and finds in them appropriate and disciplined outlet under responsible scientific supervision.

He highlighted the role of the center in supporting the cultural process in the region and urged the distinguished to participate and interact with the center’s programs as this category of participants will be honored with certificates of appreciation and valuable awards along the period of the program and throughout the duration of the activities and to contribute to increasing the number of Qatari supervisors on these programs who will be welcomed and honored as well. He stressed that the plan of this year is in line with the precautionary measures followed in the State to limit the spread of Corona virus. Besides, he demonstrated the role of the center and its continuous work throughout the year to encourage youth through meaningful activities that will be held continuously along the year and in a manner that is in line with the aspirations and ambitions of youth.

Music Affairs Center presents pieces of music within “In the Dawn” program

In an effort to enhance musical culture in society, the Music Affairs Center affiliated to Ministry of Culture and Sports presents pieces of music as a part of the section entitled “Pieces of music in different places” within “In the Dawn” program on Qatar TV every Thursday morning.

Pieces of music are presented by a group of musicians. They are Yassin Ayari, Omar Sharara and Mohammad Al-Marri. This participation aims at highlighting the cultural and civilizational aspect of music and to promote musical culture in society.

The Music Affairs Center presents the musical culture in a new form represented in playing in various places such as railway stations, malls and touristic attractions.

On the other hand, the center is preparing to hold an event entitled “Music, the language of peoples” at the beginning of September in order to save the opportunity for Qataris and the communities residing in the State of Qatar to participate and present their national arts and creative imprints and to open a space for artistic culture among peoples in the best and most effective ways to develop arts. These ways are exchange and mixture of experiences and knowledge. Also, participants in this festival will be the winners of “Nagham” competition for the year 2021 from Tunisia, Philippines, Somalia and India and winners of Nagham competition for the year 2020 who will sing during the festival their best songs that have a wide audience.


It is noteworthy that the “In the Dawn” programs continues to provide a distinguished morning episode as it has been closely linked to members of the community with its interesting content that includes information, entertainment and navigation of newspapers and news sites to highlight the most important news and reports in an interactive manner as well as a live broadcast of various events and activities.

Also, the morning program hosts many officials and specialists either over the phone or in the studio to cope with everything new in society.

“In the Dawn” program is keen to put the viewer at the heart of event and link him to what is going on in the community in a professional and flexible manner to satisfy his interests and need to know all events going on quickly and simply especially the audience of social networking sites.

Akkas Center organizes “Rules of Formation” workshop

Doha Youth Center in cooperation with Akkas center organizes a workshop entitled “The Photograph according to rules of formation” on June 20 through the Zoom application. This workshop will be presented by the photographer Abdullah Hamdan as formation in photography or forming the frame is one of the basic skills of the photographer and one of the basic pillars of the success of the photo with the correct illumination.

The workshop aims at introducing the participants to the importance of photo formation and how to direct the eye of viewer within the photo frame to reach the target point or what is called the focal point or sweet point.


It is noteworthy that “Akkas” center that the Ministry announced its launch recently  will develop plans and programs that achieve practice and development of the hobby of photography and work to implement it while seeking to provide and secure all material and human resources necessary to achieve its aims in addition to encouraging and training youth of both sexes to practice photography, conducting competitions and specialized technical courses, awarding prizes and material and in-kind incentives to talented people in addition to organizing seminars, presentations and meaningful activities in the field of photography.

Signing the contract of “Wejdan Series for Family Values”

Yesterday, Al-Wejdan Cultural center signed a contract with Lusail Publishing and Distribution House to publish the series entitled “Wejdan for Family Values”. It is an educational series that focuses on the foundational values necessary to bring up children on the cultural values that support identity and excellence within a mixture of educational instructions, stories and activities for children from 4 to 6 years.

Attendees are Mr. Khaled Al-Maadeed, Vice-Chairman of Al-Wejdan Cultural Center and Mr. Khaled Mubarak Al-Dulaimi, the managing director of Lusail Printing and Publishing House.

The house will immediately start preparation for publishing the series in order to be available to the public in the distribution centers as soon as possible. The signing ceremony comes as an inauguration of the media campaign launched by Al-Wejdan Cultural Center to introduce the series and its importance in consolidating values and providing the educational support to the educator. This series is a qualitative work in its material and presentation and it takes into consideration the educational aspects of various age stages to bring up honorable generation for our nation.

“I’m a first-aid man” workshop at Aljumeliyah Youth Center

Yesterday, Sunday, Aljumeliyah Youth Center organized a workshop entitled “I’m a first-aid man” in cooperation with the Qatar Red Crescent presented by the international trainer Essam Qasim Bayoumi via a live broadcast within the Zoom application to train participants in the field of first aid.

Aim of the workshop was to raise awareness of the importance and principles of first aid among young students. Also, they were trained on how to first aid any student with a broken, injured or nosebleed in addition to introducing participants to meaning of first aid as immediate and temporary medical care that is offered to a sick person with the aim of trying to get him to the best possible health condition with simple treatment tools and skills until arrival of full medical assistance. Usually, they are a set of simple medical steps but usually lead to saving life of the injured.

How do you create your source of income in Dana Girls Center?

Dana Girls Center organizes a workshop entitled “How do you create your source of income?” presented by Mr. Mohammad Al-Jufairi, tomorrow, Tuesday, in a live broadcast within the center’s account on Instagram from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Objectives of the workshop that come within Al Dana Female Pioneers Project include defining the concept of income and its types, making income based on market needs,  how to build your own trademark?, How to create your competitive advantage?, methods of online investment and capturing investment opportunities. The target age group in the workshop is from 12 years old and above.

The Cultural Center of Arab Sports Club delivers a lecture about “Sign Language”

The Youth and Community Committee of Arab Sports Club in partnership with Qatar Society for the rehabilitation of people with special needs invited the honorable audience to attend a distinguished workshop entitled “Principles of Sign Language for the Deaf” within Zoom application at 7 pm. The workshop will be presented by Mr. Naji Zakarneh, consultant of hearing impairment in the society and reporter of Al Jazeera news channel under the supervision of Youth Activities and Events Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The lecturer discusses several important topics in this aspect, most notably demonstrating how the Deaf learn Sign Language as well as gestures and body movements during translation referring to words and sign language performance in addition to talking about the skill of sentence formation in sign language.

The launch of “Wejdan Series for Family Values”

Today, Al-Wejdan Cultural Center signs a contract with Lusail Publishing and Distribution House to publish the series entitled “Wejdan for Family Values” in presence of Mr. Khaled Al-Maadeed, Deputy Director General of Al-Wejdan Cultural Center and Mr. Khaled Mubarak Al-Dulaimi, the managing director of Lusail Printing and Publishing House.

The series entitled “Wejdan for Family Values” is included in the practical educational publications as it focuses on the foundational values necessary to bring up children on the cultural values that support identity and excellence within a mixture of educational instructions, stories and activities for children from 4 to 6 years.

The house will immediately start preparation for publishing the series in order to be available to the public in the distribution centers as soon as possible. The signing ceremony comes as an inauguration of the media campaign launched by Al-Wejdan Cultural Center to introduce the series and its importance in consolidating values and providing the educational support to the educator. This series is a qualitative work in its material and presentation and it takes into consideration the educational aspects of various age stages to bring up honorable generation for our nation.




Alreyada Girls Center’s Elections Will Start Tomorrow

Alreyada Girls center announced its readiness to hold elections that will begin tomorrow, Monday, to choose new board of directors according to directions of Ministry of Culture and Sports and within the framework of its strategy that aims at empowering and supporting Qatari Youth to assume leadership positions in youth centers.

The elections aim at making young people active and involved in formulating strategies and plans that help them achieve their goals and ambitions in the field of youth work.

Members of the electoral committee assure that election is a positive step that shares in educating young people about the role and importance of elections in addition to providing the opportunity for girls and young people to choose their representatives in management of these centers specially after the Ministry of Culture and Sports paid attention to youth and its work according to its plan in order for the youth to lead these centers.

The committee supervising the elections at the center revealed procedures followed to choose nominees (candidates) for the positions of the president and vice president of the center pointing to taking into account availability of conditions set in candidates including that the applicant should be of Qatari nationality, of good conduct and has not been dismissed from any youth center.

Mayada Al-jabr, member of the General Committee of Election Affairs, said that the registration mechanism in the General Assembly was done at the beginning within going to the center and registration and after increase in the number of cases of Coronavirus infection during the last period, an electronic program approved by the Ministry of Culture and Sports was approved that allows registration and entering all data required under the supervision of the electoral committee members.

She added that the number of registered members in the General Assembly reached 344 members and 3 candidates for the position of the head (president) of the center and one member for the position of the center’s vice-president. She said that there is a great demand for registration in the General Assembly to consolidate the concept of elections among girls and youth through all what Alreyada Girls Center provided for girls during the last period within all social media platforms to communicate this concept to its affiliates.

Amna Khalfan, representative of legal affairs in Membership and Elections Committee said, “We are working in the committee to follow up the implementation of everything stated in Alreyada Girls Center’s articles of association regarding dates, applications and everything that must be adhered to during the elections process and preparation for it”.


She explained that conditions for joining the General Assembly stipulated in the articles of association include that the applicant must be of Qatari nationality, be at least 18 years old, be of good conduct and have not been convicted of a crime related to honor or honesty and has not been dismissed previously from any youth center and adhering to rules and regulations.


As for conditions for nomination for the positions of President and Vice-President, they include that the candidate should be a member of the General Assembly, be of Qatari nationality and should be between ages of 21 to 39 years and be of good conduct..etc.


Alia Al-Maadeed, member of the General Committee of Elections Affairs said, “Our role in the committee is to enhance members’ affiliation to lead Girls Centers especially in Alreyada Girls Center regarding applications submitted to the General Assembly as all applications were carefully reviewed”.

She explained that the goal of the General Assembly is to consolidate a greater role of Alreyada Girls Center in the region through programs offered to the community as these centers play an effective role in educating the community and youth, developing youth capabilities and enhancing community interaction.

Also, she said that the General Assembly received more than one nomination application from female members and aim of this election is to consolidate leadership skills and identify the role of Qatari girls who aspire to be active citizens in society to be able to take over the management of Alreyada Girls Center.