“Step” program to incubate and support creative initiatives and ideas among girls from 15-40 years of age to adopt and develop them, provide the appropriate environment and provide administrative and technical support, provided that these initiatives serve the community in the six areas of the Khutwa program, namely, citizenship, leadership, motivation, leadership, social responsibility, creativity, innovation, culture and health.

Breast cancer awareness workshop

What is breast cancer?
Breast cancer risk factors
Signs and symptoms of breast cancer
How to prevent breast cancer
The importance of early detection and what is early detection of breast cancer?

Think Positively in Crisis Workshop

A workshop provided by the trainer Mr. Mohamed Shaheen
Workshop themes:
1- How do we view crises?
2- The role of positive thinking in the crisis
3- Transforming crises into imposition

Debate Art Workshop

Defining the audience about the debate and its types
Enabling attendees to build a specific position on issues
The ability of attendees to form logical arguments in support of their position

World Food Day

In cooperation with the Al Shahaniya municipality, a food department, we offer you an awareness lecture in which we discuss food safety and how to deal with food in general

United Nations International Day

On the occasion of United Nations Day, we present to you a cultural dialogue in which we learn about the role of the United Nations and its previous history, presented to us by Dr. / Abdel-Rahman Al-Khatib

Introduction to French culture

General information about French culture (language – religion – history – customs and traditions – study)
Simple phrases to introduce yourself in French