Fourth edition of the Qatari Youth Forum

This event is held as the Ministry of Culture and Sports endeavors to empower young people by ensuring that they effectively participate in all areas of the society. The Qatari Youth Forum is an opportunity in which the aspirations and goals of youth converge to have an influence and an effective role in society that will contribute to achieving the Qatar vision.


Introduction to Photoshop workshop

workshop presented by photography instructor / Abdullah Al-Musleh, the workshop focuses on introducing the Photoshop program and its uses for photographers in particular, getting acquainted with Photoshop tools and the way each of them works, providing a practical explanation of the tools, modifying some images such as portraiture, landscape and others, and how to save images in appropriate formats, finally questions part.

Basics of starting a small business workshop

The workshop was presented by Business Development trainer / Abdullah Al-Khanji, as the workshop themes consist of:
1- Entrepreneur mentality
2- Marketing and sales
3- Fundamentals of Financial Management

Small Hands National Creativity Competition 2020

An artistic competition for all academic levels in cooperation with the Ministry of Education held every year to celebrate the National Day of the State to express the love of the homeland and aims to instill the values ​​of national identity and the spirit of belonging in order to achieve the vision of Qatar 2030 AD to encourage and develop young people on thought and creative expression and discover artistic talents All works are sorted by a jury A specialist where nine winners are selected each year and honored at a ceremony held to award them the prizes

Photography workshop of heritage buildings

A workshop on photographing heritage buildings presented by Mr. Abdullah Hamdan The workshop themes are summarized as:
1- Definition of Architectural Photography
2- The importance of architectural photography
3- Tools required for architectural photography
4- The appropriate times for architectural photography
5- Reviewing and discussing some pictures about heritage buildings


“Step” program to incubate and support creative initiatives and ideas among girls from 15-40 years of age to adopt and develop them, provide the appropriate environment and provide administrative and technical support, provided that these initiatives serve the community in the six areas of the Khutwa program, namely, citizenship, leadership, motivation, leadership, social responsibility, creativity, innovation, culture and health.