The Strategic Orientations in the Field of Sports

Sport is generally defined as a normal physical exertion or a skill exercised under agreed rules for fun, competition, pleasure, excellence, skill development or strengthening self-confidence or strengthening the body. The variances among the objectives ‘individually or combined’ distinguishes different sports in addition to the impact that players or teams add to their sports.

The Emiri Decree No. 4 of 2016 has defined the responsibilities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in raising the level of sports in the State to the extent of excellence, and the general supervision over the bodies concerned with sports, supporting them and following-up their works and coordinating between them.

Within this framework, the Ministry is working with partners to prepare the national strategy for sport, in its two aspects; as a professional competitive sport and as a community sport. The Ministry focuses strategically on the societal dimension of sport by encouraging the community to practice sports and physical activity In order to achieve Qatar’s vision that guarantees the enjoyment of the people of the State of Qatar with health and the Ministry’s vision in the enjoyment of society with healthy body.

Through its strategy, the Ministry of Culture and Sports seeks to promote community participation to practice Sports and physical activities within the ministry’s efforts towards achieving an active, appropriate and healthy society, in addition to pave the way for the private sector to enter into investment partnerships in Sports and develop national administrative cadres in sports clubs and bodies towards achieving its strategic objectives of which the most important: Raising the community’s practice of sports and physical activity, and enhance the social and cultural role of sports clubs.

The Ministry established Qatar Sports for All Federation in 2015, with the aim of supporting community sport and consolidating its concept as a daily lifestyle and culture to create a society of conscious minds and healthy bodies. The Ministry seeks from the establishment of this federation to meet the needs of the Qatari society across all age groups of various sports programs and to oversee how they are organized, tailored to the nature of the community members, with the optimal use of resources and various sports facilities in the country, and develop programs that support the plans and activities established in the country for the purpose of involving all groups of the Qatari community.

The Ministry also works to support the cultural and social role of sports clubs through two tracks, the first aims to activate the cultural and social committees in those clubs, and the second track aims to create twinning between youth centres and sports clubs.