Qatar Sports for All Federation

The Qatar Sports for All Federation was established in accordance with Minister of Youth and Sports Resolution No. (47) for the year 2015 “establishing Qatar Sports for All Federation.”

The Qatar Sports For All Federation aims to raise awareness of the concept of sports for all and to increase the number of participants in Qatari society who exercise regularly, and in particular to achieve:

1) Spreading sports culture in general, emphasizing the concept of sport for all and the continuity of exercising regularly for all age levels, and raising awareness of the importance of sport, because of its health, social, psychological and economic impact on members of society and the state.

2) Increasing the number of practitioners of physical activities of both genders, and all ages, by preparing sports activities for all programs that meet the needs of the Qatari community and those working in different sectors and supervising the organization of these programs and following up their evaluation.

3) Support and encourage sports programs and activities for all, for optimal utilization to meet the body’s need for movement and activity, and to raise the level of fitness and health.

4) Working to provide all means and capabilities to practice Sport for All, To ensure practicing sports to all segments of society, and to be accessible to all according to the concept and philosophy of Sports For All.


Working Hours: 7:30a.m till 2:00 p.m (Seven days a week)

Phone number: +974 44055521
P.O. box: 2511
Email address: [email protected]


social media accounts:

-Instagram: qasportsforall

-twitter: qasportsforall

-facebook: Qatarsportsforallfederation

Media Officer: yousif ali                                     Contact Number: +974 77428551