Role Of The Committee

Authorities – Youth Committee

  • Forming sub-committees or working groups to study any of the topics pertaining to the committee, or assigning someone to study any of the topics within its competence.
  • The Committee shall Seek assistance from such persons as it deems appropriate with high-level of expertise and competence within its area of competence, to provide any advice, clarifications or engage them in any subcommittees or working groups to study any of the topics within its field of competence.
  • Obtaining information, data and statistics for youth from the concerned authorities.

Privileges – Youth Committee

  • Free use of facilities of sports, youth and cultural bodies supervised by the Ministry after coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Training Committee members in various fields, in cooperation with the ministries, institutions and specialized centers, at the request and the needs of the members of the Committee.
  • Invite members to attend activities and events held under the umbrella of the Ministry.
  • A member shall be granted what indicates his membership in the Committee.
  • Members of the Committee shall have the right to attend local and international conferences relevant to the objectives of the Committee.